More Stars for More Merriment

As with any part of the year, whether you are tired, invigorated, flabbergasted, illuminated, joyful, disgruntled or bursting with any other exuberant expression of emotional being-ness, we hope that you’ll always have time to drink deep the incredible (tea)cup of life that we’re all experiencing.

All that said, we are simply tea-sellers at the end of the day and we would like you to know that we’ve more stars to light your way.  Our Star of Yule Tea Blend is now available in our standard 3 ounce size in our little online shop. You can still find it in our Winter Remedy Kits, too, in a smart-looking 1 ounce tin (who doesn’t want to look clever?).

Winter Remedy Kits

As the year grows darker, it is especially important to nurture those inner fires of joy and gentleness.

Or were they fires of passion and desire?

Maybe they were dim lights for dozing…

Never fear what fire you have that might need stoking, for we’ve created our line of Winter Remedy Kits to meet all your darkening year needs.  Well, maybe not all of them – we’ll leave it to your parents to get you that pony you’ve always wanted.  So absent of a pony, we do have a special treat –  two of our Winter Remedy Kits feature our newest tea blend: Star of Yule!  Our Star of Yule blend was made to invoke the feelings of the winter with fresh notes of scent, freckled with warmth and starlight.

Star of Yule contains the following:

STAR ANISE Illicium verum: A great winter holiday remedy for all sorts of digestive complaints, including indigestion, belching, and gas.

CINNAMON Cinnamomum zeylanicum: Stimulates digestion, promotes circulation, warms the body and protects against colds and the ‘flu.

LICORICE Glycyrrhiza glabra: Delightful to the taste buds, Licorice is a wonderful rejuvenate herb.

ROSEMARY Rosmarinus officinalis: A nervous system toner, Rosemary is also warming and uplifting.  Promotes clear thinking (“Rosemary for rememberance!”) and protects against infection.

LEMONGRASS Cymbopogon citratus: Great for stomachaches, headaches, and promoting relaxation.

JASMINE Jasminum sambac: Uplifting, pain relieving, and an aphrodisiac.

PEPPERMINT Mentha piperita: Another great remedy for digestive complaints, Peppermint protects against colds and the ‘flu.  Adds a “pick-me-up” perk to our blend without being overstimulating.

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Vibrational Medicine: Flower + Gem Essences

Flower and gem essences are a form of vibrational healing that recognizes the energetic foundation of all healing work and that all living things are infused with energy. Flowers and gems appear again and again through the ages as potent healing medicines, often used in religious rites to alter the states of those present, to cleanse hearts, bodies, and minds of impurities, and to protect against illness and disease. There has been a recent renaissance of the use of flower and gem essences as a healing therapy, starting in the early 20th century with the work of Dr. Edward Bach and continuing to grow and flourish as a practice around the world.


The Magical Herbs of Harry Potter

Polyjuice Potion from

There is no lack of love for Harry Potter at the Apothecary and with the first of the two last movies coming out this week, we thought we would explore the herbal side of Harry Potter world.  Making potions is a common activity amongst the students at Hogwarts (with some being more talented than others) and there are many unusual ingredients in their brews – but many are quite mundane! (more…)

Iron & Amazons

As has been shown in previous posts, we love Medicinal Vinegars and all their benefits for our bodies and taste buds.  It is with great pleasure that we introduce our two newest products in the Apothecary: TOUGH AS NAILS Iron Vinegar & Amazon Brew!  Not only do Medicinal Vinegars make us feel good, but they make us feel kick-ass!  Join us in our tough-enough brigade!


A History of Thievery: Making Medicinal Vinegars

Death Plays with Medicine
Hartman Schedel, 1493
Image: Histoire de la Medecine

What is full of essential amino acids, vibrant enzymes, vitamins, and minerals and balances the bodies acid/alkaline state and tastes good?  Apple cider vinegar!  In the body, apple cider vinegar diminishes thirsts, helps to relieve feelings of restlessness, manages fevers, and has an overall cooling effect.  Externally, apple cider vinegar keeps skin smooth, treats sprains and bruises, checks perspiration odor, and relieves inflammation and itching.  Making medicinal vinegars is abundantly easy.  They are great alternatives to alcohol and glycerine based extracts and have a long history of use in western herbalism.  Ever heard of the infamous Four Thieves Vinegar?


Tree of Medicine: Elder

Elder from

Lady Ellhorn, give me of thy wood,
And I will give thee of mine,
When I become a tree.

So goes the chant to be said when cutting a branch from the sacred Elder tree.  Inhabited with the spirits of Witches and Dryads, the chant warns them off so no harm comes to them.  Magic surrounds the legends of Elder.  There is a Sicilian tradition of placing elder in the home to protect against theft and a newlwed couple in Serbia would be given elder for good luck and a happy future.  Protecting against all forms of evil and dark magick, Elder is generous in bestowing good fortune.  But always remember to give honor to the Hylde-Moer as the the Elder tree mother is known in Denmark.  In addition to guarding the doorways between this world and the next, Elder has many practical uses for the health of the living.