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As spring approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, our bodies begin to stretch towards the growing light.  The threshold between the end of winter and the beginning of spring is a wonderful opportunity to support our bodies naturally process of shedding the drowsy energies of winter.  Cleansing and detoxifying herbs that work to tonify our body systems are great herbal allies at this time of the year.  We’ve combined our two medicinal vinegars, Amazon Brew and TOUGH AS NAILS Iron Vinegar, in a new Remedy Kit to help you re-balance and re-align your body and spirit to the visions of buds and blossoms calling us from our winter slumber.  You can find our new Medicinal Vinegars Remedy Kit in our S H O P.

The early promises of spring will also be carrying the Apothecary from our Northern home in Portland, Maine to our new adventure in Austin, Texas.  We told you the Apothecary has a tendency to up and move!  We’ll be closing the shop for a few weeks starting mid-March as we’ll be driving across the country, visiting friends and family, meeting new plants, and defrosting as we get further south.  Look for some great deals in the next few days as we try to sell a lot of our shop stock in anticipation of our move!

Remembering Wholeness: Rosemary

Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis is known for remembrance and to keep the spirit youthful. Keep it under your bed to protect against bad dreams, hang it above doors and porches to deter thieves. Rosemary planted by the front door shows that the women run the home as well as their fortune. Clears spaces of harmful energies through its purifying vibrations and happy song. Watch closely the Rosemary bush, for you might just spot the Good Folk hidden amongst its branches.

Rosemary is the herb for those who look as though they need the dry, hot heat of the Mediterranean to restore their vitality and bring a healthy color to the skin. For those who feel stuck, might have poor circulation, and a general lack of energy and enthusiasm – life seems a bit grey, a bit bitter. The glow of Rosemary relieves the chilliness of body and spirit, bringing warmth and movement to the heart and mind.