It’s So Bright! : Our New Herbal Powder Blend

Our Golden Herbal Powder Blend will have you shining bright – dispelling the clouds of fatigue, the fog of exhaustion, and the overcast humdrum of dull living! Live with shine, we say, and strengthen your adrenals with our sunny tonic. Our Golden Powder Blend is a wonderful daily remedy for those wanting to help rebuild adrenal strength and is beneficial for those with hypothyroid conditions. We also recommend Golden Powder Blend as part of a prostate health regimen.


The Warrior + The Healer: Yarrow

Beware the Devil’s Nettle and all its accompanying glamouries – it knows well the art of divination, the charms of love, and has an affinity for blood.  The common name, Yarrow, is from the Old English gearwe which is thought to be derived from heiros, further linking Yarrow to the art of magick.  Placed over the eyes, Yarrow promotes clairvoyance, and Deb Soule recommends putting the herb in sachets to help connect with the green world.

Matthew Wood puts is succinctly when describing those who might be aided by the healing powers of Yarrow: “The Wounded Warrior, the Wounded Healer.” (1)  For those folks who serve on the front line in their lives, who are often the first in and the last out in any endeavor, and who are prone to ignore health needs until they are lying flat on their backs.  A particularly good remedy for the healers among us who have difficultly following their own recommendations of vital living, healing and resting.  Yarrow is for the ones who appear strongest and are often the most sensitive and bruised – they won’t let you know, but when they do the pain can seem immense and unraveling.  Yarrow is an everyday tonic with the skills of a crisis manager and can help those who feel they must always be the strongest to express their vulnerabilities in ways that restore true fortitude.


The Clever Hedgehog Invites You to Tea!

WORTS + CUNNING APOTHECARY is pleased to announce the formation of The Clever Hedgehog School of Herbology: A collaborative learning experience of botanical medicine and mystery.  Join us for the inaugural class on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 from 7 PM – 8 PM and participate in a collaborative exploration of herbs – a study group of herbal remedies, folklore and common usage.  We’ll share stories, explore Materia Medicas and spend a hour learning about our relationships to the plant world.

There will be tea, at times there may be chocolate, and there will always be good conversation.

The Clever Hedgehog School of Herbology is free to attend – still the empty green teapot of prosperous dreamings will be passed around for donations.  For classes that involve the creation of remedies, a suggested donation will be announced, with no one turned away for lack of funds.  We shall meet at the Apothecary located at 1220 N Spencer, Mesa, AZ 85201.

Announcements for upcoming CHSH classes will be published on our blog and Facebook, with a kind request that attendees RSVP via Facebook.

Flower + Gem Essences for the Journey : The First Trimester


Over the next few weeks we’ll be exploring Flower + Gem Essences that are particularly useful during pregnancy, labor and postpartum (to learn more about what Flower + Gem Essences are visit our previous blog post).  The wonderful thing about Flower + Gem Essences is that they are good remedies that, by their very nature, can do no harm which makes them wonderfully safe to take during pregnancy.

Let’s begin by looking at the First Trimester.

Wow, I’m pregnant (!) (?) (.) (!?)


Iced Tea, Ya’ll!

iced tea time, ya’ll, in the apothecary!

I was raised on family stories of not-so-law-abiding ancestors who lived fast, and in some cases, died young.  Having now lived for a short while in Austin, I’ve come to appreciate one of my ancestors, the wild west train robber and outlaw, Sam Bass.  My Uncle Sam’s death is re-enacted annually just a half-hour from our home on the 4th of July which is a strange experience for me, but an altogether Texas way of celebrating the 4th.  He was an interesting character, whose appearance was said to be gentler than the typical rough-and-tumble outlaw.  I imagine that if Sam were alive today we’d sit in the Apothecary’s backyard drinking iced tea and planning our next direct-action protest (I figure that I could direct his wild west energies into more social justice oriented activities and less train robbing).  So in honor of my outlaw ancestry and in an attempt to love the heat, our newest creation in the Apothecary is an iced tea.