Growing Bellies Oil


An oil of SWEET & SPICE that SUPPORTS the growth of beauty, strength, and ever-present JOY. Use generously on your stretching skin and know the PEACE of changing bodies.

While originally formulated to support the changes of pregnancy our Growing Bellies Oil is nurturing to all sorts of bodies and they’re changing. Use after a shower or dry brushing to promote healthy elasticity in the skin. The scent of our Growing Bellies Oil is light and blossoms on the skin and a little goes a long way! Conveniently packaged in a glass amber bottle with pump, our Growing Bellies Oil is a delight to use.

::right now::

Right now, I am…

:: welcoming in the spring by opening all the windows and doors.

:: thinking over the recent housing mess and knowing that we won’t be renters forever.

:: wearing a floral thrift store skirt and two headscarves.  Fancy!

:: considering new semi-regular blog post topics that will combine my love of radical feminist history and tea.

:: hoping that the whether will remain nice and cool for a little while longer.

:: loving the smell of orange blossoms outside our front and back door.

:: singing songs of spring! For She will bring the buds in the spring and laugh amidst the flowers…

:: laughing at the inexhaustible presence of joy in our lives if we just take part in its effervescent laughter!

:: enjoying quite hours in a quiet house.

:: smiling at my puppy who is covered in bits of flowers and leaves after time spent dutifully exploring what the winds have stirred up in our backyard adventure park.

:: deciding what recipes to invest more time in next – Chai blends?  Cacao creations?  Special oils blends for wellness?

:: feeling excited by the arrival of family later this week and going to the RV show!

:: readying myself for that same RV show and the strong urge to get on the road now.

:: brewing teas for fertility and to support all different sorts of reproductive bits.

:: considering the all important question of what color to paint my nails – and then back to the issue of neighborhood peace, city peace, state peace, country peace, and eventually, of course, world peace.  But first, the nails.

:: working on that same Materia Medica for Borage (Borago officinalis).

:: reading new herb books that I got for my birthday (and have been checking out of the library for years):  A City Herbal by Maida Silverman, Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine by Andrew Chevallier, and The Book of Herbal Wisdom by Matthew Wood.

:: listening to my birthday mix still.  Birthday month dance party!

:: grateful for the incredible support of folks who are experiencing similar struggle as us and yet, without hesitation, offer more than we could ever ask for.

:: remembering that the promise of spring is a gift freely given and one that should be freely received.

:: feeling all sorts of good stretch and soreness by a regular yoga practice made possible by an early birthday gift.

:: wanting to say thanks for the ever-growing support of our quirky Apothecary.

:: wishing everyone a moment today to know balance as we step firmly into spring.

Spring Equinox: Herbs of Balance


The Spring Equinox is the promise of Imbolc finally come!  The Spring Equinox turns the wheel of the year with wind, often rain, the last chill breath of winter, but also bud, flower, and bird song.  Today also marks the time when night greets day as an equal and then retreats back to let the hours of light grow longer and longer.  As with the Autumnal Equinox, the early spring is an excellent time to strengthen the body’s natural abilities of wellness and health through gentle cleansing of our winter body into a spring one.

The early spring is a good time to turn our attention to our liver and our gallbladder.  The liver is our body’s largest internal organ and a great deal of our body’s detoxifying processes happen through the liver.  As the life warms to the surface of our greening planet, so too does our body’s energy and blood warm to our own skin’s surface.  Our liver cleanses our blood of impurities and distributes nourishment throughout our body.

Our gallbladder stores and secretes bile to help us digest nourishment from our food.  An imbalanced gallbladder can lead to flatulence, gallstones, and general indigestion, and it is important to consider our mental and emotional health, especially our stress levels, when supporting our gallbladder.

There are many herbal allies that we might find useful in supporting the liver and gallbladder.  Take time to learn what herbs best fit your constitution in order to get the most benefit from the medicine our green allies have to offer as well as build a more meaningful relationship to the plant kingdom. (more…)

Spiders! Piles! We’ve RELIEF for You!

Hemorrhoids and varicosities are not, in general, fun to talk about or to experience.  Yet, hemorrhoids and varicosities are a common occurrence for many folks, so we might as well take the best care that we can of our bodies and ourselves when they are a bit out of balance and stressed.  One of the best environments for healing to take place is one of honest humor, so that is why our Spritz has such a silly name – our body feels like it is crawling with spiders and we’ve got a case of the piles!  Honest and funny all at once or at least a slightly more interesting way to talk about uncomfortable condition.  Examples follow:

“Honey, I’ve got spiders again!”

“A bit of the piles today it seems!”

Our Spiders & Piles Hemorrhoid and Varicose Veins Spritz is formulated for both preventative care as well as acute relief.  Spray it directly on the spot that needs relief or follow our instructions for creating a pad for extended acute relief.


Birthday Dance!

It’s my birthday today and there is going to be plenty of dancing!  To aid you in your grooving I’ve put together a short pre-dance dance party mix that you can download here.  If you like what you hear support the artists by buying their music!

Birthday Dance Playlist

If The Kids Are United – The Duke Spirit
Tine Bealtaine – Omnia 
Dog Days Are Over (An Optimo (Espacio) Remix) – Florence + The Machine
Selfmachine – I Blame Coco
I Feel It In My Bones – Tiësto (Feat. Tegan & Sara)
In Spirit Golden – I Blame Coco
Stars 4-Ever – Robyn
Tea Party – Kerli 

Use the coupon code “BIRTHDAYWORT” to receive 20% off your purchases today in both our Etsy and PoppySwap shop!

Courage, Parents, Courage!

The process of bringing a new baby into the world is a process of unfolding, expansion, and great change.  Many parents experience a broad range of emotions from elation to fear, joy, uncertainty, and sadness that are all part of the very normal and quite extraordinary journey of parenthood.  Blue Skies Postpartum Courage Blend can help lend courage to the heart and strength to the mind.


::right now::

Right now, I am…

:: amazed at the glow of desert colors.

:: thinking about what the next month will look like with so many unexpected changes happening in our household.

:: wearing pants with flowers on them.  Everyone should have a pair.

:: considering moving the family to the woods in Vermont, but knowing we could end up anywhere.

:: hoping that I can have as much strength of love that my Grandparents have – they just celebrated 65 years together!

:: loving the unabashed kindness of a puppy kiss.

:: laughing at the notion of anything more stable than change.  It is the month of the Storm Moon and the winds have moved in!

:: enjoying every precious moment I have in this wee Apothecary of ours.

:: smiling at small mint seedlings chattering in the windowsill and appreciating the incredible one who grew them.

:: deciding on what tea I will be serving at tonight’s Clever Hedgehog School of Herbology class.

:: feeling a bit stretched, a bit sore, and beautifully alive.

:: readying myself for a big spring leap and all the excitement that brings!

:: brewing Slipper Elm Ulmus rubra for a new salve.  Remember those vending machines where you could get little containers of florescent goo?  The oil sorta has a texture like that – cool!

:: considering

:: working on my Materia Medica for Borage Borago Officinalis.  Can we all take a moment to appreciate the gift of courage that Borage brings?

:: watching the wind push trees, birds, and dust.

:: listening to that same wind rattle walls and windows.

:: grateful for my beloved, sturdy bike and my beloved, sturdy Dandelion companions.

:: remembering the way forward.

:: feeling a need to clean for spring.  The itch started last night and this Virgo Full Moon has pushed the urge into full swing.

:: wanting to spend more time with one of my incredible housemates who is leaving tomorrow on a new adventure!

:: wishing everyone a fulfilling week!

Flower + Gem Essences for the Journey: The Third Trimester

amethyst from

Over the next few weeks we’ll be exploring Flower + Gem Essences that are particularly useful during pregnancy, labor and postpartum (to learn more about what Flower + Gem Essences are visit our previous blog post).  The great thing about Flower + Gem Essences is that they are good remedies that, by their very nature, can do no harm which makes them wonderfully safe to take during pregnancy.

Ok, I’m totally pregnant and it’s almost over and it’s just beginning.

OLIVE “I am revitalized”

An excellent remedy for both the third trimester and labor, Olive helps us to maintain energy during a time of great transformation, especially when we may feel that our energy reserves are completely spent.  Olive aids us in finding space to be emotionally and mentally presence even when we feel physically exhausted.  More than just bringing relief to our physical exhaustion, Olive helps us to connect the dots between our mental wellbeing, emotional wholeness, and our ability to thrive in our physical bodies.  Excellent for those folks who are feeling too exhausted to “deal with it all” because it helps them to reconnect with the ever-renewing energy of our deepest selves and find pleasure again in day-to-day life.

AMETHYST “I go with the flow”

The purple stone of Amethyst teaches us to go with the flow but not get overtaken or overwhelmed by the current.  With the early stages of labor on the horizon, there is excitement for baby and, at times, a feeling like all of the “to-do’s” will never get done in time.  Amethyst is helpful for folks who are moving quickly, but sometimes feel they are in a race against time.  In addition to its centering properties, Amethyst is also helps address those anxious thoughts that wake us up in the middle of the night and spur on arguments between loved ones.  Amethyst helps us to float gently when the waters feel tumultuous, eventually leading to a current that guides us gently back to shore.

RED CHESTNUT “I radiate calm”

Realizing that soon there will be a new baby and all of the responsibility that comes with a bundle of joy, can bring up issues of dependency, worry, and, at times, anxiety between partners.  Red Chestnut can help folks feel centered in their own ability to love themselves, to love others, and to care deeply for all without becoming overwhelmed but the unexpected nature of life.   Red Chestnut assists in facilitating the transformation of patterns of co-dependency into models of adventurous trust and a peaceful knowing that we are fully able to care and be cared for unconditionally.

Read our recommendations for the First Trimester and Second Trimester.

We carry Amethyst in our Etsy Shop and Poppy Swap Shop.  Essences such as Olive and Red Chestnut can be found from a variety of resources such as the Flower Essence Society and Bach Flower as well as local health food and natural healing stores.

Next time we will look at Flower + Gem Essences for Labor.