Good Morning Mischief!


Morning Mischief: Enchanted Herbal Recipes for Delicious Awakenings + Resolute Magnificence has arrived!

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Create mornings of mischief with our new fully enchanted, full-color ebook!
Morning Mischief is full of herbal recipes – 25 in all! – but so much more, including:

☆ A workbook to getting your morning groove back!
☆ Inspirational mini-poster printouts (feat. unicorns + rocks +  sunlight)!
☆ A guide to Tissue States – Western Herbal Energetics!
☆ Plant profiles for herbs to start your day with!
☆ Planetary recipes for aligning your stars!
☆ A guide to creating your own foundations for herbal yum!


More than just a recipe book, Morning Mischief is a heART book for plant folks,
apothecarians, urban homesteaders, rural wonderkin, + those looking to infuse their world with the magick of herbal medicine + mystery!

SALE! ONLY $15 (normally $18.95) UNTIL DECEMBER 2!
Buy it at Poppy Swap + Etsy

A Tea Charming: A Yuletide Musing on Tea + Magick

A repost from a guest blog + giveaway I took part in last Yule.  Enjoy!

I have spent much of my life in coastal cities where the rhythm of the day is broken up between fading light on the water, ships sliding between waves and the shifting landscape of fog over the idle cliff sides and curving slopes. For me, the Yule season is an incredibly rich time of year when Moist Mother Earth slumbers and the Bone Crone gnashes Her teeth, rattling the edges of our winter shelters. I recognize the fog that steadily creeps and retreats to and from the shore as the thick veils of the Bone Crone and Her sister the Sea Hag who are meeting at the edge, exchanging bones of earth for bones of saltwater. I see the fog as the same mist that hides the sacred Isle of Apples, confusing the unwary, pulling the careless down below. I know the fog as a softening of boundaries pulling our visions towards the darkness where we can better learn of our own depths, uncertainty and expansive joy. (more…)