How to Follow the Traveling Apothecary

Hiya, clever friends!

A bit of a housekeeping announcement today! As Google Reader has moved beyond the veils of the internet and may be reborn in middle earth as a plucky kid who will become the greatest superlibrarian the galaxy has ever known, we thought we would let you know where you can find us and how you can follow us.

Bloglovin’ is our favorite Google Reader alternative and you can follow our latest posts and site updates by following us there.

If you want to keep track of not only the latest blog posts but first dibs on new products and programs (including our upcoming Lunar Apothecary!), including exclusive discounts, blogs, and recipes, The Hedgehog Herald is a direct owl to herbal awesomeness.

Our Facebook page and twitterings are other ways of following not only our posts and latest Apothecary updates, but more personal stories, photos, and insights into the day-to-day workings of a modern, urban Apothecary!

If you really just want to look at pretty, funny, quirky, herby pictures, you’ll be very happy over at our Tumblr.

And, of course, for all your fully enchanted herbology needs you can shop the Apothecary at our Etsy and Poppy Swap storefronts!

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