I’m Alexis J. Cunningfolk and it is quite nice to meet you! I’m an herbologist and apothecarian which means that I work with plants and people to bring minds, bodies, and spirits back into magickal balance. You’ll find me in sunny, Southern CA living with my love (she’s a midwife!) and our lurcher pup, Basil. Curious still? Learn more about who I am and the values I keep.

I also drink a lot of tea. Hi-five!

Our little Apothecary is part of the greater healing movement to make herbal medicine more accessible, holistic, and radically kind. I teach ecstatic herbology – traditional western herbalism rooted in the magickal. I am also the creator of the Lunar Apothecary, an online learning community for womyn exploring the realms of moon herbology, medical astrology, and learning how to trust our magick.

Get started by perusing our blog full of free tutorials, sign-up for our amazing Hedgehog Herald for herbal inspiration and exclusive recipes, and learn more about our online learning community, the Lunar Apothecary.

In wild community,


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