She Pours Again: Full Moon in Aquarius


The second Full Moon in Aquarius of the year, the Water Bearer dances with the Sun in Leo, demonstrating what it is to be truly generous, especially after so many of us may have experienced the heat of burnout in the past few weeks. In the Twenty-Sixth Mansion, our August Full Moon is oozing with the pleasure of devotion to those we hold dear in our lives.
As a fixed Air sign, Aquarius Moon energy is unusual and when the Moon moves into the house of the Water Bearer we feel it. Moods shift, priorities abruptly change, there is social upheaval, and the craving for freedom reaches new heights when the Moon is in Aquarius. As a sign of eccentricity mixed with the possibility of changing the world, the Moon in Aquarius is a time to network, invest in community building, and looking out for the welfare of others. The mood shift that occurs during an Aquarius Moon can be optimistic or pessimistic – a lot depends on how much freedom you feel you have access to. The freedom to move, express, and be unconventional is what makes the Aquarius Moon shine.
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The Blah-beast visits the Apothecary

Blah Buster Brew

It happens.

We try our darndest to keep it centered, but then there is the knock at the door.

The Blah-beast has come with its one-monster show of stressful cacophony, the dullest brew of boredom, and the persistent fear that we might never get back on track.

“NO! Not the Blah-beast!” We cry out.

And, then we have a thought.

“Blah-beast, could you hold on just one moment? We wanted to position ourselves in a much more effective repose of despair and put on the kettle so its sharp wailing will add to your monstrous sense of foreboding!” We shout from behind the door.

“Blah, whatever, it doesn’t matter, I’ll be wiggling my toes in your head very soon,” The Blah-beast grumbles.

Gross. We think, but don’t dare say. “Thank you, great Blah! We’ll be but a moment!”

Quickly, quickly, what to do? Gather together herbs for the heart, herbs for passion, and herbs to disassemble the structure of stress attempting to build a small suburb along our spine. Jars full of herbs are pulled down from the shelves, the magick wooden bowl is brought out for the mixing, and with a wild-eyed charm (Will it work? It must! It will!), a tea pot is given four spoonfuls of a new herbal tea.

There is a shout in the kitchen for the kettle is hot! There is a grumble at the door of a Blah-beast anxious to come in!

Pour the dancing water in the pot, let it brew, keep it hot. Pour a cup and drink it up!

The Blah-beast has been tricked! It roars and beats its paw upon the door – but it has been overtaken with an overwhelming sensation to bust a move, drop it like its hot, and groove its suddenly happy heart off into the sunset.

Phew. We made it, our Blah Buster Brew to keep the Blah-beast bustin’ a move to their own happy dance and not our own personal groove.

Blah Buster Recipe

Swedish Chai + Summer Deals


I just spent the past weekend in the beautiful wilds of Oregon dancing the days and nights away with magickal creatures of all varieties at the amazing Faerieworlds art and music festival! I came back to my seaside city feeling inspired and with some extra dirt and glitter packed in my bags (and, to be honest, tangled in my hair and between my toes). As some of us celebrate the week of the First Harvest in the Northern Hemisphere and late winter / early spring fire festivals in the Southern Hemisphere, I’m filling up on summer’s glow as the promise of fall is just around the corner.

One of the ways I like to celebrate the early mornings and long, lazy nights of summer is with pots of chai. Chai is simply the word for tea in a number of cultures, though many of us are familiar with the Masala chai of South Asian fame. I love to make chai blends based on local flora, culturally-entwined spices, and my own take on whatever tea drinking culture I may find myself in. Some of my chai blends are created with longing-in-the-heart, as I dream of places I look forward to visiting. Sweden has captured my imagination in recent years and so I created a Swedish chai in exploratory tea anticipation of future journeys. The recipe is below along with some insight into the spices and herbs included in the blend. Enjoy!


Books have been written espousing the greatness of healing spices and what many consider dusty kitchen condiments are actually earthy jewels of wellness delight. Spices are healing foods that are easy to add to any meal and act as a fragrant passage for medicine to find its way through our mind, body, and spirit.

Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) is an excellent spice for indigestion and calming upset stomachs. Like many spices, Cardamom also has aphrodisiac qualities.

Clove (Syzygium aromaticum), like many spices, aids with indigestion, but also has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anesthetic qualities.

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum spp.) is a delicious blood sugar balancer and is also heart-healing, promoting healthy circulation, reducing hypertension, and possessing anti-clotting properties.

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