The Blah-beast visits the Apothecary

Blah Buster Brew

It happens.

We try our darndest to keep it centered, but then there is the knock at the door.

The Blah-beast has come with its one-monster show of stressful cacophony, the dullest brew of boredom, and the persistent fear that we might never get back on track.

“NO! Not the Blah-beast!” We cry out.

And, then we have a thought.

“Blah-beast, could you hold on just one moment? We wanted to position ourselves in a much more effective repose of despair and put on the kettle so its sharp wailing will add to your monstrous sense of foreboding!” We shout from behind the door.

“Blah, whatever, it doesn’t matter, I’ll be wiggling my toes in your head very soon,” The Blah-beast grumbles.

Gross. We think, but don’t dare say. “Thank you, great Blah! We’ll be but a moment!”

Quickly, quickly, what to do? Gather together herbs for the heart, herbs for passion, and herbs to disassemble the structure of stress attempting to build a small suburb along our spine. Jars full of herbs are pulled down from the shelves, the magick wooden bowl is brought out for the mixing, and with a wild-eyed charm (Will it work? It must! It will!), a tea pot is given four spoonfuls of a new herbal tea.

There is a shout in the kitchen for the kettle is hot! There is a grumble at the door of a Blah-beast anxious to come in!

Pour the dancing water in the pot, let it brew, keep it hot. Pour a cup and drink it up!

The Blah-beast has been tricked! It roars and beats its paw upon the door – but it has been overtaken with an overwhelming sensation to bust a move, drop it like its hot, and groove its suddenly happy heart off into the sunset.

Phew. We made it, our Blah Buster Brew to keep the Blah-beast bustin’ a move to their own happy dance and not our own personal groove.

Blah Buster Recipe

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  1. Oh, huzzah! huzahh!!! GLORIOUS. A triumph. I can’t wait to battle the Blah-beast thus armed next time he rears his goopy head in these parts. Brava, intrepid herbalist~!


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