Changes + Shifts at the Apothecary


I started Worts + Cunning Apothecary over three years ago while living in Portland, Maine. Since then the Apothecary has criss-crossed the country setting up shop in Maine, Texas, Arizona, and California. As an herbal remedy-maker, I’ve loved creating the fully enchanted herbal goods that so many folks have come to love from Worts + Cunning.

There is a big change coming and we’re about to embark on a new path for our traveling tea party.

I love remedy-making – it is one of my primary callings as an herbologist. I also really love teaching and engaging with others in the pursuit of knowledge, facilitating relationships between plants, creatures, and people. Some of you know that I launched my first online course this past may – the Lunar Apothecary – and I love, love, love the sweet and invigorating space it has become. Having written my first ebook, Morning Mischief, about a year ago I began my herbal recipe series this Fall starting with The Haunted Apothecary and I just published The Winter ApothecaryWriting these recipe books and sharing some of the most popular Apothecary remedies as well as creating new ones has only beget longer lists of ideas, recipes to experiment with, and more books to write. I love it! (Noticing a theme yet?)


While I could continue to make and sell my own herbal remedies, it has been so much fun to teach others to do so themselves. I’m in the process of writing more online courses and as well as a few local classes in the Long Beach, CA area. Oh, yeah, and I’ve been running around with a bunch of plantfolk known as the Roots of Healing community, organizing herbs fests, remedy barters, and free classes, with big visions on the horizon (Southern CA-based herb school, anyone? What about a sliding-scale herb clinic?). The work of the Apothecary is shifting and I’m thrilled!

To make space for these big changes, this year will be the last winter holiday season that our herbal remedies are available for sale.


I know.

Big news!

Where will folks go to get their daily dose of high-fives or their flower garden in a bag?

Well, I’ve been writing recipe books for a reason, clever friend, and that is to continue to share our recipes with you so you can make them all your own! More importantly, I’m making space to create more – from courses of study to lots and lots of free and enchanting resources for our plantfolk community.

In short, I’m upping our daily intake of high-fives and making sure that there is more than enough to go around.

So get your teasessencespowders, and super surprise packs while you can and make sure to keep in the loop by signing up for your own free dose of fully enchanted remedies and ecstatic herbology.

The year ahead promises to be a wild one and I’m so glad I have clever friends like you to share the road with!