WORTS + CUNNING APOTHECARY is a fine purveyor of fully enchanted herbal remedies.  Started in Portland, ME back in the lovely summer of 2010, the Apothecary is run by Alexis, community herbologist.  Alexis has had an ongoing conversation with the plant world since she met a koala bear as a young child who told her that plants were very good to eat.  Many ever-greening conversations and experimentations later led her to start the Apothecary to serve you, clever friends, and support you in your wellness endeavors.

The rooted foundation of her work is the recognition that the sacred resides beyond, between, and within all of us.  And that the sacred has a sense of humor – so we should, too, because we’ll probably feel better after a good laugh.

Our remedies are created for all sorts, from daily wellbeing blends, to teas for pregnancy and post-partum, and essences for emotional balance and stability. We firmly believe there is a particular plant or two that is ready to be your friend and guide you along the path to wellbeing – and we’re happy to help introduce you.


Our little Apothecary is part of the greater movement to make herbal medicine more accessible, holistic, and radically kind.  WORTS + CUNNING APOTHECARY does this work with quirk, a sizable dose of laughter, immense pleasure in the process of healing, and a tremendous love for our green allies.  Through our work we practice our values to heal, engage + sustain.


Heal thyself.  Plant medicine is accessible medicine available to all who would take the time to listen, learn, and find joy in the process of becoming more whole.

Heal our neighborhoods, our cities, our rural communities, and the many environments we are part of.  Create systems that value the inherent sacredness of all life, the mystery and dignity of death, and the cycle that returns us again to the earth and stars.

Heal relationships with all of our selves, our families, friends, lovers, and creatures of all persuasions. We believe that each of us is a reflection of the other and to know each other truthfully is to know our own selves more distinctly.


Engage with the re-enchantment of the world through sustainable living, trust in magick, acknowledging the beauty of our existence, and cultivating compassion learned from our green allies.

Engage with the unknown, the uncertain, and the unexplored.  We believe as one rather clever wisewoman says that “where there is fear there is power” and part of the healing process is overcoming the limitations we have created to survive so that we may truly thrive.

Engage with fellow healers to support community health.  The Apothecary collaborates with fellow herbalists, midwives, birthworkers, and other healers to create accessible venues to offer our services to the communities we live in.


Sustain systems of health and wellbeing that build a beautiful landscape of wellness both within and without.  We are wonderful little ecosystems that exist in a much larger one and by creating sustainable healing designs which include herbal medicine, nutrition, movement, and following our deepest desires, we help generate wellness in the environment around us.

Sustain business practices that strengthen the environment.  From recycled materials to wind-powered web-hosting to organic and sustainably grown plant medicines, we invest in green practices for a greener world.

Sustain our sense of wonderment with the path we’ve chosen.  Being a herbologist is to accept with a smile and a wink that the world will always be a bit mysterious, a bit strange, and sometimes totally unbelievable in its amazing-ness – and that is why there is so much fun to be had.

Contact Alexis at wortsandcunning [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any questions, curious pursuits or clever comments about who she is, what she does, and how she can get to know you better.  She is always happy to create a custom blend because we are all unique and deserve something special.

Find us elsewhere on the mighty internets:

S H O P (Etsy): wortsandcunning.etsy.com

S H O P (PoppySwap): poppyswap.com/shop/wortsandcunning

T W I T T E R: twitter.com/wortsandcunning

F A C E B O O K: www.facebook.com/wortsandcunning


  1. Jodie Chapman

     /  November 10, 2010

    You are AMAZING and wonderful, oh, beautiful daughter of mine!

  2. How wonderful to have your mother write that about you! it just filled my heart with gladness to read it. Amazing and wonderful mother for sure!

  3. Gabriella

     /  May 20, 2011

    I love your website and name. Just happened to find it when googling astralagus and indigestion. I live in Yellowknife, NT, Canada and also am a lover of herbs, creativity, and the sacred. Thanks

    • Thanks, Gabriella, for visiting our site! We’re glad you found us. Yellowknife looks like it is an incredibly beautiful place to live!

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