::right now::

Right now, I am…

:: celebrating my love’s graduation from midwifery school!

:: settling in to life in California – the fourth state the Apothecary has been in over the past year and a half.

:: excited about the Olympics (woohoo!) and the fact that they taking place during the season of Lughnasadh – a Celtic harvest festival involving games of skill and competitions in honor of the Goddess Tailtiu.

:: recognizing moments of pause and … pausing … in them.

:: loving the clever ones who support the Apothecary.  Get a sneak peak of just what an Apothecary package looks like at Daily Nuggets.

:: relishing escapes to magickal cabins in the Vermont woods.

puppy on his favorite chair complete with socks on the arm.

:: thinking about how it is that the Apothecary puppy has been with us for one whole year!  We rescued him down in Austin and he was gracious enough to welcome us into his pack.

:: wearing a hot pink headscarf with a turquoise and white accent scarf.  Bright colors are food for my soul (and a great way to pick me out of a crowd)!

:: jumping up and down seeing our Essences in Sword+Fern up in Portland, OR.  See our little essences here!

:: considering the possibility of designing an e-course and continuing the Clever Hedgehog School of Herbology in an online and in-person format.

:: hoping for more hot summer days here on the coast – I’ll send the cool weather to the midwest for a bit more warmth by the sea!

:: feeling joy every time I step out onto the potted garden porch that I’m currently cultivating.  It has lots of Basil in it of all sorts of varieties!

:: reading The Compleat Herbal by Ben Charles Harris which focuses on the wisdom of herbs through the Doctrine of Signatures.

:: listening to Eivør’s Trøllabundin on repeat.  Seriously magickal sounds…

:: laughing at toddlers who know how to work a room and tear up a dance floor.

:: enjoying fruit!  Fresh, local, organic California fruit!

:: smiling at Sage (Salvia officinalis) and all the ways we’ve been spending time together – making oils, infused-honeys, and sacred bundles.

:: readying myself for the upcoming harvest season – some of the most enchanted times of the year for me.

:: loving the continuing adventures of Basil making new friends at the park.  He likes to wrestle with a Aussie-doodle named Cody, play tag with an Irish Setter named Lola, and has a grey twin named Jameson who he is just getting to know.

:: singing Lucy Love’s We Are the Stars.

:: brewing batches of medicinal honeys, herbal oils, and more tea blends for wizards.

:: sending out lots of Traveling Tea Parties!

:: working on the Apothecary’s first ebook!  Morning Mischief: Enchanted Herbal Recipes for Delicious Awakenings + Resolute Magnificence! will be full of remedy recipes, inspiring instructionals, and be full of colorful pictures as well as our unique design aesthetic that keeps this Apothecary quirky.

:: grateful for long summer days with golden light and seaside breezes.

:: wanting more sweet watermelon picnics.

:: wishing everyone a beautiful golden summer!

::right now::

Right now, I am…

:: welcoming in the spring by opening all the windows and doors.

:: thinking over the recent housing mess and knowing that we won’t be renters forever.

:: wearing a floral thrift store skirt and two headscarves.  Fancy!

:: considering new semi-regular blog post topics that will combine my love of radical feminist history and tea.

:: hoping that the whether will remain nice and cool for a little while longer.

:: loving the smell of orange blossoms outside our front and back door.

:: singing songs of spring! For She will bring the buds in the spring and laugh amidst the flowers…

:: laughing at the inexhaustible presence of joy in our lives if we just take part in its effervescent laughter!

:: enjoying quite hours in a quiet house.

:: smiling at my puppy who is covered in bits of flowers and leaves after time spent dutifully exploring what the winds have stirred up in our backyard adventure park.

:: deciding what recipes to invest more time in next – Chai blends?  Cacao creations?  Special oils blends for wellness?

:: feeling excited by the arrival of family later this week and going to the RV show!

:: readying myself for that same RV show and the strong urge to get on the road now.

:: brewing teas for fertility and to support all different sorts of reproductive bits.

:: considering the all important question of what color to paint my nails – and then back to the issue of neighborhood peace, city peace, state peace, country peace, and eventually, of course, world peace.  But first, the nails.

:: working on that same Materia Medica for Borage (Borago officinalis).

:: reading new herb books that I got for my birthday (and have been checking out of the library for years):  A City Herbal by Maida Silverman, Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine by Andrew Chevallier, and The Book of Herbal Wisdom by Matthew Wood.

:: listening to my birthday mix still.  Birthday month dance party!

:: grateful for the incredible support of folks who are experiencing similar struggle as us and yet, without hesitation, offer more than we could ever ask for.

:: remembering that the promise of spring is a gift freely given and one that should be freely received.

:: feeling all sorts of good stretch and soreness by a regular yoga practice made possible by an early birthday gift.

:: wanting to say thanks for the ever-growing support of our quirky Apothecary.

:: wishing everyone a moment today to know balance as we step firmly into spring.

::right now::

Right now, I am…

:: amazed at the glow of desert colors.

:: thinking about what the next month will look like with so many unexpected changes happening in our household.

:: wearing pants with flowers on them.  Everyone should have a pair.

:: considering moving the family to the woods in Vermont, but knowing we could end up anywhere.

:: hoping that I can have as much strength of love that my Grandparents have – they just celebrated 65 years together!

:: loving the unabashed kindness of a puppy kiss.

:: laughing at the notion of anything more stable than change.  It is the month of the Storm Moon and the winds have moved in!

:: enjoying every precious moment I have in this wee Apothecary of ours.

:: smiling at small mint seedlings chattering in the windowsill and appreciating the incredible one who grew them.

:: deciding on what tea I will be serving at tonight’s Clever Hedgehog School of Herbology class.

:: feeling a bit stretched, a bit sore, and beautifully alive.

:: readying myself for a big spring leap and all the excitement that brings!

:: brewing Slipper Elm Ulmus rubra for a new salve.  Remember those vending machines where you could get little containers of florescent goo?  The oil sorta has a texture like that – cool!

:: considering

:: working on my Materia Medica for Borage Borago Officinalis.  Can we all take a moment to appreciate the gift of courage that Borage brings?

:: watching the wind push trees, birds, and dust.

:: listening to that same wind rattle walls and windows.

:: grateful for my beloved, sturdy bike and my beloved, sturdy Dandelion companions.

:: remembering the way forward.

:: feeling a need to clean for spring.  The itch started last night and this Virgo Full Moon has pushed the urge into full swing.

:: wanting to spend more time with one of my incredible housemates who is leaving tomorrow on a new adventure!

:: wishing everyone a fulfilling week!

::right now::

I have been reading the beautiful and inspiring SouleMama blog by the incredible Amanda Soule for a few years and I am continuously inspired by her values and vision of her family life in beautiful Maine.  Part of what has kept me reading her blog for so long is that her life seemed so incredibly exotic compared to my own upbringing – growing up in the metropolis of Tokyo and the southlands of L.A. is a bit different than the openness of the ever-greening Northeast Kingdom.  I continue to read her blog and having now lived for a while in Maine, it reads less as a well-written and culturally-sensitive ethnography and more of a Materia Medica of plants that might not live directly in my bioregion but I’ve met before in my travels – acquaintances with the possibility of a deeper friendship.

Living in Portland, ME for nearly two years, I found myself in the same places SouleMama was featuring on her blog, and even saw her with her family at a restaurant (I was star-struck to say the least).  So, in an effort to blog more consistently about the life and work of the clever Apothecary I inhabit, I am taking inspiration from SouleMama and beginning a weekly ritual of a “Right Now” blog post.

Right now, I am…

:: thinking about Slipper Elm Ulmus pumila and is mucilaginous-ly nurturing qualities.

:: wearing animal print boots that remind me of childhood quilts made by my talented mum.

:: considering opening a second shop on Etsy of a more magickal persuasion.

:: hoping that business continues to pick up and I can sustainably to support our family through service to plants and people.

:: loving the folks I’ve met so far through our brick-and-mortar shop.

:: laughing at a puppy who has such joy for life.

:: enjoying having a private space to work and think and pace and dance over and over again.

:: smiling at the thought of an evening with the A-babe and reading her stories about bees and puppies.

:: deciding what plant to study for the next Clever Hedgehog School of Herbology.

:: feeling the difficulty I am sure many herbalists feel when having to choose just one plant.

:: readying myself for a busy-quiet weekend with the pup while the household attends the MANA conference.

:: brewing some Slippery Elm oil.

:: considering preparing a Slippery Elm honey as well.

:: working on my flow as we move from late winter to early spring.

:: watching a cloudy dessert sky promise rain and hoping that we get a good soak.

:: listening to I Blame Coco who sounds a lot like her father.

:: remembering to breath and stick to the rhythm that sustains my bitty soul and not the linear march of the end of the month and its many financial responsibilities.

:: feeling grateful that there are so many herbal folks sharing wisdom on the digital web o’ wonder.

:: wanting to spend the next few days reading continuously and writing, but a few hours here and there will do.

:: wishing everyone a really beautiful weekend full of good company and quiet moments.