Luxurious Locks: Herbal Hair Vinegar

Our Herbal Hair Rinse combines golden, raw apple cider vinegar with healing herbs that will help promote hair growth and beautiful locks.  Raw apple cider vinegar is an all-natural conditioner for the hair, aids in manageability of your luscious locks, and cleans the scalp of residue and build-up.  Vinegar is balancing and helps restore health to a scalp prone to dandruff and itchiness.

To use combine 1 – 3 tablespoons of our Herbal Hair Rinse with 1 cup water.  Generally, you’ll need 1/8 to ¼ cup of Herbal Hair Rinse per bowl of water.  After you’ve wet your hair thoroughly, slowly pour the Herbal Hair Rinse mixed with warm water onto your head, massaging it into your scalp.  Rinse and enjoy your majestic mane!

Our Herbal Hair Rinse includes the following scalp-nourishing, itch-reliving, hair-growing, highlight-enhancing herbs:

CHAMOMILE Matricaria recutita: Accentuates golden highlights as well as relieves an itchy scalp.

LAVENDER Lavandula officinalis: Soothing to the scalp and spirit while helping the hair to grow

ROSEMARY Rosmarinus officinalis: Prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth

PEPPERMINT Mentha piperita: Balances the pH of the scalp so hair is not too oily or too dry.

ROSE Rosa damascena: Nourishes and revitalizes hair.

BASIL Ocimum basilicum: Great for hair growth.

NETTLES Urtica dioica: Promotes the growth and regrowth of hair, reduces dandruff and helps thicken hair.

YLANG YLANG Cananga odorata Essential Oil

LAVENDER Lavandula officinalis Essential Oil

ROSEMARY Rosmarinus officinalis Essential Oil

Our Herbal Hair Rinse and other enchanted herbal goods

are available in our S H O P.

Vinegar Kits + Shop News

As spring approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, our bodies begin to stretch towards the growing light.  The threshold between the end of winter and the beginning of spring is a wonderful opportunity to support our bodies naturally process of shedding the drowsy energies of winter.  Cleansing and detoxifying herbs that work to tonify our body systems are great herbal allies at this time of the year.  We’ve combined our two medicinal vinegars, Amazon Brew and TOUGH AS NAILS Iron Vinegar, in a new Remedy Kit to help you re-balance and re-align your body and spirit to the visions of buds and blossoms calling us from our winter slumber.  You can find our new Medicinal Vinegars Remedy Kit in our S H O P.

The early promises of spring will also be carrying the Apothecary from our Northern home in Portland, Maine to our new adventure in Austin, Texas.  We told you the Apothecary has a tendency to up and move!  We’ll be closing the shop for a few weeks starting mid-March as we’ll be driving across the country, visiting friends and family, meeting new plants, and defrosting as we get further south.  Look for some great deals in the next few days as we try to sell a lot of our shop stock in anticipation of our move!

Sweeten Up: How to Make Simple Syrups

Honey is wonderful medicine.  Antibacterial and antiseptic, honey has been used for thousands of years as good medicine.  In addition to its own powerful healing properites, honey is an excellent medium for delivering other healing herbs into our bodies.  Besides taking honey daily in teas or straight for the spoon,  we can create simple syrups out of honey and medicinal vinegars.


Iron & Amazons

As has been shown in previous posts, we love Medicinal Vinegars and all their benefits for our bodies and taste buds.  It is with great pleasure that we introduce our two newest products in the Apothecary: TOUGH AS NAILS Iron Vinegar & Amazon Brew!  Not only do Medicinal Vinegars make us feel good, but they make us feel kick-ass!  Join us in our tough-enough brigade!


A History of Thievery: Making Medicinal Vinegars

Death Plays with Medicine
Hartman Schedel, 1493
Image: Histoire de la Medecine

What is full of essential amino acids, vibrant enzymes, vitamins, and minerals and balances the bodies acid/alkaline state and tastes good?  Apple cider vinegar!  In the body, apple cider vinegar diminishes thirsts, helps to relieve feelings of restlessness, manages fevers, and has an overall cooling effect.  Externally, apple cider vinegar keeps skin smooth, treats sprains and bruises, checks perspiration odor, and relieves inflammation and itching.  Making medicinal vinegars is abundantly easy.  They are great alternatives to alcohol and glycerine based extracts and have a long history of use in western herbalism.  Ever heard of the infamous Four Thieves Vinegar?