Spring Equinox: Herbs of Balance


The Spring Equinox is the promise of Imbolc finally come!  The Spring Equinox turns the wheel of the year with wind, often rain, the last chill breath of winter, but also bud, flower, and bird song.  Today also marks the time when night greets day as an equal and then retreats back to let the hours of light grow longer and longer.  As with the Autumnal Equinox, the early spring is an excellent time to strengthen the body’s natural abilities of wellness and health through gentle cleansing of our winter body into a spring one.

The early spring is a good time to turn our attention to our liver and our gallbladder.  The liver is our body’s largest internal organ and a great deal of our body’s detoxifying processes happen through the liver.  As the life warms to the surface of our greening planet, so too does our body’s energy and blood warm to our own skin’s surface.  Our liver cleanses our blood of impurities and distributes nourishment throughout our body.

Our gallbladder stores and secretes bile to help us digest nourishment from our food.  An imbalanced gallbladder can lead to flatulence, gallstones, and general indigestion, and it is important to consider our mental and emotional health, especially our stress levels, when supporting our gallbladder.

There are many herbal allies that we might find useful in supporting the liver and gallbladder.  Take time to learn what herbs best fit your constitution in order to get the most benefit from the medicine our green allies have to offer as well as build a more meaningful relationship to the plant kingdom. (more…)

Tooth of Lion: Dandelion


Bitterwort.  Fairy clock.  Fortune teller.  Swine’s snout.  Milk witch.  Peasant’s cloak.  There are many names for our ever present friend, Dandelion.  Flowering in the spring and fall, Dandelion marks the changing of the seasons with its triumphant yellow head popping up through cracks in the concrete and on hillsides through parks.  Tenacity would be a good word to describe our friend Dandelion who flickers bright in urban and rural setting alike, thriving in disturbed soil (like roadsides and dirt patches in parking lots).

Dandelion’s reputation for tenacity makes it a briliant ally for those needing detoxification and to gently cleanse of the body of excess heat and impurities.  For those who feel stagnant, Dandelion is the bold, toothy companion to help break down emotional and physical barriers to health.