Flower + Gem Essences for the Journey: Labor

Flower + Gem Essences that are particularly useful during pregnancy, labor and postpartum (to learn more about what Flower + Gem Essences are visit our previous blog post).  The great thing about Flower + Gem Essences is that they are good remedies that, by their very nature, can do no harm which makes them wonderfully safe to take during pregnancy.  Continuing our journey through pregnancy and postpartum, we’ve now arrived at labor!

Here we go (!) (?) (.) (!?)


Herb of Protection, Herb of Dreams: Mugwort


The Latin binomial of our friend, Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris, reveals its link to the Goddess Artemis, Divine Hunter, Queen of the Wild, Lover of Nymphs, Protector of small children, and guardian of women in childbirth. The plant is said to protect against the evil eye and promote a long-life. An oil of Mugwort is used to anoint crystal balls and scrying mirrors, a tea of the herb is drunk to promote visions, and prophetic dreams come to those who keep a small pouch of it beneath their pillow. Mugwort is also an ingredient in blends meant to help the spirit leave the body and journey to lands beyond our own realm.