Teas to Bring About a State of Awesome

Sometimes we just need a tea to help us restore us to the state of awesome we deserve to be in.  What, pray tell, is the state of awesome?  Awesome is a state of inspiration, of being awe-full, and full of wonder all at once.  In many ways, being in a state of awesome is what so many of us need to be able to remember the world as an enchanted place.  The more folks reside in a state of awesome the closer we get to bringing the unicorns back.

More rainbows!

We’re happy to announce that we are now carrying Super!Rainbows!Love!Go! Powder Blend in a 3 ounce jar.   You can find it in our S H O P.  A 3 ounce portion of Super!Rainbows!Love!Go! Powder Blend is a 60 day supply of high fives.  Read more about herbal powders and why we like them here.

Herbs for Sassiness

The first of a series of teas for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, Sassy Mama, was made with the postpartum in mind, whether it has been a few weeks since the birth of your bundle of baby or a few years.  Or let’s be honest, a decade plus.  With the entrance of a new member of the family into your life it is important to feed body and spirit because so much change has occurred and sometimes it can seem hard to keep up with it all.  That’s why we keep it sassy!

Let’s Talk About Rainbows

Teas are very important in the Worts & Cunning Apothecary household.  Our tea kettle is  an abundantly used tool in our home and tea pots and tea kettles are found on shelves about our kitchen.  And tables.  And the floor.  And in the hands of clever tea drinkers.  Yet, there is another concoction that plays as important role in the health and happiness of our household: the herbal powder.


The Tides of the Moon – Herbs for Heavy Menstruation

A full moon sat round in our sky just a few evenings ago.  As the moon waxes and wanes, our human bodies ebb and flow, mirroring its cycle.  Those who menstruate can find themselves especially sensitive to the cycles of the moon.  Or not at all.  There is not a single, definitive menstrual experience – though it would seem that our mainstream media attempts to define one all the time (“Oh no!  Not your period!  How will you ever have a social life?!  It will embarrass you!”).  Many times advertisements for menstrual products propose a “solution” to menstruation which usually involves being able to pay less attention to it.  I feel that just as when we pay better attention to our breath we are able to breathe better and when we are more mindful of our menstrual cycles we are able to bleed better.